Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fuji Xerox said the statement did not mention smuggling only contract dispute with the facts

(Xinhua Zhang Xu) Yesterday, a media Baoliao said "there are significant smuggling suspects Fuji Xerox", and listed companies and customs from the "evidence." In this regard, Fuji Xerox issued a statement last night did not mention the alleged smuggling matter, and that "disputes regarding the contract amount with the facts."
Yesterday, media reports said, "from last week, Fuji Xerox in China, several large customers have to the local customs, industry and commerce department report accused Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Shanghai Industrial Development 顥?there are significant smuggling suspects. The company Fuji Xerox 顥?China Limited in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone registered a 100% owned subsidiary. "the report said," from the customs of the relevant evidence, that there are significant Fuji Xerox suspected of smuggling. "

Last night, Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd. sent a statement to the newspaper, "has a very small number of media, without knowing the truth of the case, our wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Industry Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Computer printing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai disputes regarding the contract payment is not made to the real situation of the report "," At present, the individual's relevant media reports were unfounded. "and said," as Bao Zheng case to a just decision, Genju the provides that the parties during the proceedings, the Company is not convenient to make any comment on the matter. "In addition, it failed to comment on other content.

For Fuji Xerox mentioned contract with the Shanghai Computer Print Ltd regarding the payment dispute, a media report quoted a letter which said: "Since June 2000, the company gradually bought from Fuji Xerox, valued at more than 2000 million element of the device, place of origin are in Japan. complaint letters to say, for example, DT6135 high-speed black and white printing system 顥?with a copy function, in accordance with customs regulations should be declared as a copier or printer, but Xerox has launched its customs tariffs to zero laser printer, a machine at least close to 45 thousand yuan of tax evasion rate of 9% 顥? the declared value of about 50 million, Fuji Xerox has imported hundreds of such machines. other, such as DC2060, DC8000 and other color printing, Fuji Xerox also by This method declaration. "


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